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Club Racing


Over the years Jubilees have sailed at numerous clubs around Australia, with Royal Brighton Yacht Club being the original home of the Jubilee. The clubs that have been involved are:

State                 Club

Vic.                     Royal Brighton Y.C.

                           Sorrento S.C.

                           Blairgowrie Y.S.

                           Sandringham Y.C.

                           Royal Y.C. of Victoria

                           Williamstown S.C.

                           Corio Bay S.C.

                           Hastings Y.C.


NSW                 Royal Sydney Y.S.

                          Royal Prince Alfred Y.C.

                          South Australia

                          Royal South Australia Y.S.

                          Brighton & Seacliff Y.C.

In the late '40s several Jubilees were built in Hong Kong and sailed from clubs on the harbour for many years. Jubilees are still sighted on Gippsland Lakes, Westernport Bay and the Hume Weir.

The Class runs both Australian and State championships with starters numbering around 20 yachts. Due to the location of entrants the national titles alternate between Sydney Harbour and Port Phillip Bay. Clubs also run their own aggregate series for the season (or part thereof) with numerous cups and trophies being offered on selected race days. Courses generally range between 11 km and 17 km in distance between buoys and consist of triangle, windward and return then a beat to the finish. Obviously dependent on the wind speed and length, races of this pattern usually last around 2½ hours.

As with all "One Design Class" yachts no handicapping is used in these events to determine aggregate and trophy winners. However, there has been a move in this direction in recent years to introduce a handicap result (possibly with a pennant or trophy) in order to provide encouragement for the back-markers in reward for their continuous efforts. The handicap is calculated along similar lines to the Division classes.

Two events which are extremely popular in Victoria are the Rudder Shield and Australia Day Trophy.

The Rudder Shield event consists of team racing at a nominated club where several Jubilees are "pooled" for the morning and afternoon races. Lots are drawn for the yachts and then each club team selects the skipper and crew for their selected Jubilees. This day is considered to be an excellent family/picnic event, with the appropriate victuals being served in the luncheon break followed by a victory celebration after the second race.

The Australia Day Trophy was instigated by Roy Tapson of Blairgowrie Y.C. (in 1955). Competing yachts from Sorrento, Blairgowrie, Brighton and Sandringham sail the 35 km (20 mls) to Mornington Y.C. on the Saturday of Australia Day weekend, compete for the trophy in a class race on the Sunday and return to their respective clubs on Monday. Many families stay at Mornington over the long weekend.


One of the oddities about the weekend is that it is often blowing very hard on the Saturday and Monday with the Jubilees from the Northern end of the bay beating into a southerly on the way down and beating into a northerly on the way back - two long, hard (7 hour) hauls!

Safety is one item about which we are all concerned. Apart from the safety requirements included within the Specifications and Racing Rules of the Class, the Jubilee must meet the "Category A (Day Sailing) - Safety Requirements governing Keel Boats in Port Phillip Bay, Westernport Bay and Inland Waters", as specified by the Victorian Yachting Council (the Jubilee Class Supreme Controlling Body).

It should also be mentioned that each Jubilee registered must comply with class rules and specifications. Measurements and safety requirements are regularly checked to ensure each Jubilee retains the high standards and uniformity of the class, the major reason that the class has been so popular for so many years.






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