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Other Racing Rules


Rules relating to international, interstate and inter-provincial races and races between yachts of different territories.


  1. All International, Inter-provincial and Interstate races shall be decided by a series of not less than five races.

  2. Courses shall be of 13 km (eight miles) each and alternatively to windward or leeward, and return, and triangular.

  3. Not more than three yachts shall represent each competing nation, state, province or territory. The winner of the contest shall be the yacht gaining the most points in the contest in accordance with the scale of points arranged by the delegates. In case there shall be a tie in aggregate points between two or more yachts, such tie shall be sailed.

  4. All yachts must be entered by and through the local controlling body of the nation, state, province or territory which they are to represent. Every entry shall state the name of the yacht or yachts to represent the state, country, province or district, and the name of the owner or owners of each yacht, and the registered number of each yacht, and shall be accompanied by a copy of the Certificate of Measurement of such yacht.

  5. The contests shall be under the control of the local controlling body in whose waters the contest is held, and shall be regulated by the racing rules (other than those relating to measurement) of the Yacht Racing Association in force in England (a) in the English summer previous to the contest if the contest is held in the southern hemisphere-(b) two months before the first race of the contest if the contest is held in the northern hemisphere-except in so far as such rules are inconsistent with these rules. Such local controlling body shall appoint a sailing committee, which shall have all the powers of a sailing committee under the above rules.

  6. No member of the crew of a competing yacht shall join or leave the yacht during a race.

  7. No protest shall be valid unless lodged with the sailing committee of the local controlling body controlling the contest before 9 p.m. of the day on which the subject matter of the protest shall have occurred. Provided, however, that the sailing committee if they consider the circumstances warrant it, may entertain a protest lodged after that time. A protest shall be considered by the sailing committee, and its decision shall be final, except that an appeal from such decision shall be on matters other than of fact to the Yacht Racing Association of Great Britain.




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