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Racing Rules of the Class
  1. All Jubilee Yachts shall have a total weight in the racing condition excluding crew, hut including all gear normally carried whilst racing, of 952.56 kg (2, 100 lbs.) subject to the tolerance limits of clause 11. No yacht shall carry less than 249.48 kg (550 lbs.) of ballast. In the case where the overall weight of a yacht, carrying the minimum 249.48 kg (550 lbs.) weight of ballast, exceeds 952.56 kg (2,100 lbs.) (including tolerance) in overall weight, the overall weight restriction shall be waived. If the weight of ballast exceeds 381 kg (840 lbs.) a proportion shall be fixed to the underside of the deck. The proportion and location shall be as shown on figure 1.

    All bilge ballast shall be stowed within the length of the centreplate case.

  2. The crew may consist of any number of persons not exceeding four. The owner (or owners) must be members of a recognised yacht club, and, when not sailed by an owner, the skipper in all cases, must be a member of a recognised yacht club.

  3. Any of the specified sails may be mounted or set in any manner and at any time thought fit, subject to the following restrictions;

    1. No spars may be used other than those set out in the plans and specifications.

    2. The point of attachment of spinnaker halyard block shall not be more than 5.563 m (18 feet 3 inches) above the deck.

    3. When the spinnaker is used it must be set on the spinnaker boom, and the heel of the boom shall always rest against the mast.

  4. Jubilee Yachts racing in any recognised race whatsoever shall all start from the same handicap mark.

  5. The Official Code of Racing Rules which shall govern all Jubilee Class races, except as hereinafter mentioned, shall, unless otherwise specified in the circular inviting entries, be the rules for the time being adopted by the local controlling body of the territory in whose waters the race shall be held, except where they may conflict with these rules, in which event these rules shall supersede to the extent of the inconsistency.

  6. Each yacht shall during each race carry on board for each member of the crew of such yacht a life-belt as prescribed by the Board of Trade, and shall also carry on board an anchor weighing 9-12.7 kg (20 to 28 pounds) (including ground chain, if any) with suitable line.

  7. No yacht shall carry on board during a race, more than one spinnaker, however a yacht may carry on board more than one mainsail, and or jib, provided that not more than one of each of the said sails is hoisted at the same time.

  8. International, Interstate and Inter-provincial races shall be conducted in accordance with the rules and recommendations of the Australian Yachting Federation.

  9. Each yacht shall be fitted with at least one effective manually operated bilge pump.







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