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J26 Mirramur
Location: not set


Name            Owner (Number)

MIRRAMUR   N Neale (2)
LIGHTNING   I Felsenthal (1) 

Built/Builder: 1939/Higgs Bros


J27 Suzanne

Location: not set


Name          Owner (Number)

SUZANNE    B Zacharchuk(9)
SUZANNE    B Edwards (8)
SUZANNE    D Rowley (7)
SPRITE         H Sherrard (6)
SPRITE         W Willmott (5)
SPRITE          J Fermanis (4)
SPRITE         M Passmore (3)
SPRITE         C Rainsford (2)
SPRITE         R Garland (1)


Built/Builder: 1938/Higgs Bros


Notes   Frank Hegarty 22/1/2009    Des Rowley purchased Suzanne from Bill (William) Willmot and subsequently sold her on to Bruce Edwards. I don'to know where H Sherrard fits in the sequence of owners.


J28 Areal 

Location: not set


Name    Owner (Number)

AREAL    G Summerhayes(4)
AREAL     B Seward (3)
AREAL     J Anderson (2)
AREAL     D York-Syme (1)

Built/Builder: 1938/C Peel

J29 Amana

Location: not set


Name        Owner (Number)

AMANA      not set

Built/Builder: not set/not set


J30 Sirius

Location: Ballaarat Yacht CLub, VIC


Name                         Owner (Number)

SIRIUS                         Wayne Lodge (8)

PETIT BLUE                Chris McRoberts (7)
STORMY MONDAY    John Riley (6)
RUM JUNGLE             H Blake (5)
LEANDER II                D Atkinson (4)
SIRIUS                         R Rowley (3)
SIRIUS                         W Buriss (2)
SIRIUS                         R Franklin (1)

Built/Builder: 1939/C Peel


petit blue
J31 Mercury

Location: not set


Name           Owner (Number)

MERCURY     Graham Douglas (3)
MERCURY     Cliff Douglas (2)
MERCURY     C Wallace (1)

Built/Builder: not set/not set


Notes   Ray Lloyd 20/9/2009   This yacht belonged to Graham Douglas’ Father Cliff. Graham sailed Chaos J111 for many years at Sorrento and Brighton.

J32 Joyette

Location: not set

Name       Owner (Number)

JOYETTE    N Meaden(4)    
JOYETTE    J Hearnes (3)    
JOYETTE    R McDermott (2)    
JOYETTE    D Cosgriff (1)

Built/Builder: 1945/not set


J33 Karina

Location: Barnes Bay Tasmania


Name       Owner (Number)

KARINA     A Crawford (6)

KARINA     W Wright (5)
KARINA     W Power (4)
KARINA     K Homberg (3)
KARINA     I  Hall (2)
KARINA     W Wright (1)

Built/Builder: 1945/Montgomery

Notes    Andrew Crawford June 2016  Hi JYA, For your records, I just wanted to update you on Karina (J33) that we recently bought from Bill Wright. She is still based in Tassie but now in Barnes Bay, and being actively sailed. She is also hoping to be part of the Australian Wooden Boat Festival in Feb 2017 in Hobart. She hasn't missed one yet! My father Ian Crawford will join the association soon, and wondered are there any other Jubilees in Tasmania? Cheers, Andy. 0409252818


J34 MIss Australia

Location: not set


Name                    Owner (Number)

NICANOR              R French (1)

Built/Builder: 1945/Savage

miss australia
J35 Caterpillar 

Location: Now in peaceful  retirement at a kindergarten playground.


Name                Owner (Number)

CATERPILLAR    I Cockman (6)
CATERPILLAR    F Allen (5)
NIKKO                K Henry / (4)
MELINDA SUE   J Dyason / (3)
CATERPILLAR    G Stooke (2)
CATERPILLAR    G Taylor (1)

Built/Builder: 1945/Montgomery

J36 Gaywin

Location: Ballarat, VIC


Name         Owner (Number)
GAYMIN       Not Known

GAYWIN      F Stokes (7)
GAYWIN      K Wright (6)
GAYWIN      J Welsh (5)
GAYWIN      J Martin (4)
GAYWIN      K Stickland (3)
GAYWIN      J Dunn (2)
GAYWIN     E Garrett (1)

Built/Builder:  1945/E Garrett


Notes   Andrew Garrett 24/4/2006      Eric Garrett built her in the mid forties. She is named after our sister “GAil”, “WINifred” , “Garrett”.My brother (Alen) and I crewed for dad for years and we have many fond memories.

J37 Manana 

Location: Sorrento, VIC


Name          Owner (Number)

MANANA      Trevor Gray (5)                               2023

MANANA      Sue Cockman (4)                          2011
MANANA      J Cameron & N Cameron (3)
MANANA      F Hall (2)
MANANA      D McGlashan (1)

Built/Builder: 1947/Montgomery 


Notes Sue Cockman 10/10/2011      Ian restored Manana for my brother who thought it might be fun to have a Jube. He also has a Beneteau and a Sydney 38 so clearly has no time to sail another boat and has given the boat to me. Ian will collect it from him the weekend after next and she will be in the water by Christmas (with new sails).


J38 Spindrift

Location: Cape Woolamai


Name           Owner (Number)

SPINDRIFT    S Borrell (3)

SPINDRIFT    A Owen (2)
SPINDRIFT    R Hoffert & L Bertrand (1)

Built/Builder: not set/not set


J39 Nereid   

Location: Macleay Island, QLD

Name     Owner (Number)
NEREID    Mike King (6)

NEREID    C Dunbar & N Edwards (5)
NEREID    A Cittadini (4)
NEREID    G Peacock (3)
NEREID    C Davey (2)
NEREID    J Akhurst (1)

Built/Builder: 1954/J Botterill


J40 Jason

Location: Redland Bay, QLD


Name      Owner (Number)

JASON      Tony and Lyn Harland (6)

JASON      A Quick & I Cockman (5)    
JASON      Watts (4)    
JASON      L Norrie & P Gulliver (3)    
JASON      M Hodder (2)    
JASON      B Watts (1)

Built/Builder: not set/Purden & Featherston


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