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J1 Freydis 

Location: Ballarat, VIC


Name       Owner (Number)

FREYDIS    Gifted to JYA in 2018

FREYDIS    Jubilee Yacht Assoc (Vic) (10)

FREYDIS    Bryan Linacre (9)

FREYDIS    RBYC Jubilee Fleet (8)

FREYDIS    J Mitchelson (7)

FREYDIS    P Mitchelson (6)

FREYDIS    D Bradford (5)

FREYDIS    C L Banfield (4)

FREYDIS    J B Linacre (3)

FREYDIS    J H Linacre (2)

FREYDIS    J A Linacre (1)

Built/Builder:1935/Chas Peel  

Notes: In 2018 Bryan Linacre son of the original owner retired from sailing at age 92 years. Bryan Gifted Freydis to the JYA for restoration and active use.

Restoration has commenced aided by a donation from the RBYC Jubilee Fleet.

Progress is being recorded under the Restorations Tab.

1 Freydis
J2 Sylvia

Location: Destroyed in collision, VIC


Name   Owner (Number)

SYLVIA   P Mitchelson (5)

SYLVIA   not set

SYLVIA   D Jarret (3)

SYLVIA   Telford Smith (2)

SYLVIA   H Jamieson (1)


Built/Builder:1935/Chas Peel 

J3 Rotanes

Location: not set


Name        Owner (Number)

ROTANES   H Halm (5)

ROTANES   T Seal (4)

ROTANES   not set

ROTANES   J Akhurst (2)

ROTANES   A Akhurst (1)


Built/Builder:1935 T Russell/A Akhurst 

Message from Pam Russell My father built "Rotanes" with J Akhurst. His name was Edward Evan Russell, known as Ted. 

J4 Aeolus

Location: Sorrento, VIC


Name      Owner (Number)

AEOLUS   J Madden (7)

AEOLUS   M Waterworth (6)

AEOLUS   A Gray (5)

AEOLUS   B Davis (4)

AEOLUS   P Lechte (3)

AEOLUS   A Morehen (2)

AEOLUS   L Pound (1)


Built/Builder:1935 L Pound/G Douglas 

J5 Fulmar

Location: not set


Name      Owner (Number)


FULMAR   R Bowden (2)

FULMAR   D Stewart (1)


Built/Builder:1935 C Peel 

J6 Seawitch

Location: Sorrento, VIC


Name          Owner (Number)

SEAWITCH   R Cronstedt (9)

LYLA             A Woodland (8)

SCOR            E Roberts (7)

SCOR            R Ham (6)

SCOR            D Davenport (5)

SCOR            I Murphy (4)

SCOR            A C Finlay (3)

BRAMAC      W Ross (2)

BRAMAC      H Olsen (1)


Built/Builder:1935/C Peel 

06 seawitch
07 Kyeema
J7 Kyeema

Location: Sorrento, VIC


Name      Owner (Number)

KYEEMA   W Brown (4)not set

KYEEMA   J Devine (3)

KYEEMA   A Gross (2)

KYEEMA   G Beyer (1)


Built/Builder:1935/D Robt 

J8 Sarawaki I

Location: Melbourne, VIC

Name            Owner (Number)

SARAWAKI I   Peter McKeon (7)

SARAWAKI I   F Allen (6)

SARAWAKI I   not set

SARAWAKI I   J McIlwraith (4)

SARAWAKI I   D Linacre (3)

SARAWAKI I   A Grieg (2)

SARAWAKI I   T Stooke (1)

Built/Builder: 1936/J Botterill



Sue Cockman 10/10/2011
Fred actually gave the boat to a fellow Ian taught in a “build a small boat” course we ran. His name is Peter McKeon. Peter and his partner, Kate have done a great deal of work on Sarawaki, but alas have not finished. She is at their place in Melbourne.  

J9 Chinwi

Location: not set  

Name       Owner (Number)

CHINWI     A D Lang (3)

LEANDER  R Hoffert (2)

LEANDER  R Franklin (1)

Built/Builder:1935/J Botterill 


j9 Chinwi
10 Foxy Lady
J10 Foxy Lady

Location: not set  

Name               Owner (Number)

FOXY LADY       R Rogers (7)
STORMY           H Kambo (6)
STORMY           G Douglas (5)
KOONWARRA  M Isaacs (4)
STORMY           T Fitchett (2)

Built/Builder:1935/C Peel 

J11 Tahiti
J11 Tahiti

Location: Ballarat, VIC 


Name     Owner (Number)

TAHITI      J Brewer (11)  

TAHITI     R Golding (10)           

TAHITI     H Morrow (9)           

TAHITI     R McDonald (8)           

TAHITI     David Gully (7)           

TAHITI     D Blanksby (6)           

TAHITI     R Ham (5)           

TAHITI     R Tapson (4)           

TAHITI     R Pincus (3)           

TAHITI     Dowling (2)           

TAHITI     P George (1)           


Built/Builder: 1936/ Botterill          



Tahiti was gifted to the Ballaarat Yacht Club by the son of its previous owner. She was then sold onto John Brewer for a token who has spent some years on her careful restoration and she should be relaunched in 2024.

Up until 2006, Tahiti J11 was still sailing... not frequently but about every three weeks. Rod Golding reported that he had a good winter series in 2006 ... we actually won the 2005 Port Adelaide SC Winter series... but not such a good start to current summer series... I can only compete in the Port River races which accounts for about half the races.  


12 Siroco
J12 Sirrocco

Location: Ballarat, VIC 


Name           Owner (Number)

SIROCCO       W Iwanowski (7)
SIROCCO       John Allen (6)
SIROCCO       B Atkins (5)
SIROCCO       F Whitworth (4)
VAMARIE       H Grey (3)
VAMARIE       K Patterson (2)
VAMARIE       W Finlay (1)          


Built/Builder: 1936/J Botterill           


13 Nirvana
J13 Nirvana

Location: Mt Eliza, VIC



NIRVANA    Des Russell (5)

NIRVANA    D Long (4)

NIRVANA    K Williams (3)

NIRVANA    D W Collins (2)

NIRVANA    T Searle (1)


Built/Builder: 1938/Higgs Bros



John Russell 1/1/2006    In 1975 my father Des Russell bought ‘Nirvava’ from David Long, Sorrento Sailing Club. Nirvana is a classic huon pine timber hulled boat which sailed an additional 2 seasons with the fleet at Sorrento before Des retired from club sailing and used the yacht, now fibre glassed below the waterline, for leisure sailing on the Gippsland lakes. The yacht has all stainless rigging, mast, lead ballast and sails. The some gunnel and cockpit timbers and mast housing need replacing. It has a custom built trailer. It currently sits in Mt Eliza awaiting restoration. I lack the motivation. 

14 Elokah
J14 Elokah

Location: not set



ELOKAH    K Mack (4)

ELOKAH    E Darbyshire (3)

ELOKAH    J Nacham (2)

ELOKAH    T Williams (1)


Built/Builder: 1937 J Botterill



Richard Wood 25/5/2011    J14 being rebuilt in Mornington by John Fletcher. 

J15 Tai kai




TAI KA      not set


Built/Builder:   Noel Higgs, Higgs Brothers

15 Tai Ka
Higgs Brothers Western Beach - The Jubil
Higgs Brothers - 3 Jubilee's in the bay
16 Zaraida
​J16 Zaraida

Location: not set



ZARAIDA   L Wiggs (3)

ZARAIDA   Tom Hawks (2)

ZARAIDA   Anderson (1)


Built/Builder: 1937 Higgs Bros



Philip Ward 01/10/2009   Read with interest the article in the current QMM newsletter about the class. Seems umpteen years ago I crewed on Zoraida–don't remember the sail number–for a couple of seasons in the mid 1940s. She was then owned by Tom Hawkes, who also raced “open wheelers”.His family owned a large hardware store here in Geelong. Her skipper was named Warren Tansley.  We sailed “round the sticks” here in Corio Bay, with some success in handicap events as well as a couple of outings to the Linacre Cup to Brighton. As we know, a very sea kindly design, fun to sail and a good safe yacht in lumpy weather. Ahh... the memories. Best regards Phil Ward.

17 sorrento moo
J17 Sorrento Moo

Location: Macleay

NAME                        OWNER (NUMBER)

SORRENTO MOO     Trevor and Jennie Rodgers

SORRENTO MOO     D Hart (6)

LEANNE                     N Essex (5)

LEANNE                     S T Clark (4)

PRESTIGE                  W Halliburton (3)

PRESTIGE                  E Lawrence (2)

PRESTIGE                  W Medcalf (1)


Built/Builder: not set/J Botteril  

18 Frolic
J18 Frolic

Location: Hastings, VIC



FROLIC     Tom Moloney (4)

FROLIC    F Jolly (3)

FROLIC    L Riley (2)

FROLIC    J Jarrold (1)


Built/Builder: 1939/not set    

19 melody
J19 Melody

Location: Rozelle, NSW



MELODY   H Stone (3)

MELODY   N Woolnough (2)

MELODY   K Brown (1)


Built/Builder: 1939/J Botterill    

20 Rhythm
J20 Rhythm

Location: not set



RHYTHM   N McInnes (1)


Built/Builder: not set/not set

21 samoa
J21 Samoa

Location: Sorrento, VIC



SAMOA   I Cockman (7)

SAMOA   not set

SAMOA   D Burrows (5)

SAMOA   F Quick (4)

SAMOA   J Sandford (3)

SAMOA   W Raper (2)

SAMOA   H Stephens (1)


Built/Builder: 1939/H Stephens  

22 Kareelah
J22 Kareelah

Location: Nungurner, VIC



KAREELAH   Chris Mills (5)

KAREELAH   Geelong Grammar School Yacht Club (4)

KAREELAH   Charles Fisher (3)

KAREELAH   K Storey (2)

KAREELAH   C Tadgill (1)


Built/Builder: 1938/Higgs Bros



2017 Now on dry dock and in restoration.

Roger Spooner 22/2/2012   I have worked as boat builder/sailing coach at Geelong Grammar School Yacht Club (GGSYC) for 13 years and the boat J22 was given to the school one year before I started. The school is the third owner and the boat with trailer came from somewhere near Lake Hume. The boat is now in storage looking for a new owner as the yacht club has moved to teams racing in the pacer class. The boat about which the person was talking about, was owned by Charles Fisher – a 14ft Botany Bay class open yacht. Yes, it was owned by Charles Fisher and given to the school when he died around 1975 .

The Karaleeh was built by Higgs Bros in Geelong. The Geelong Grammar School holds the original papers and the records of each owner.


Charles Weatherly 28/8/2006     I believe J22 currently sits in the Geelong Grammar School Yacht Club yard and is known as the Jubilee. I believe it came down from Sydney in 1974. Charles Fisher was appointed Principle of Geelong Grammar on my last year it could have been 1973 when I was in year 11, this would be easy to check. Any way I remember this special boat of the School Principle appearing in the Lagoon. I think it was white then, it is now light blue school colours. The GGSYC uses the Jubilee now as it was left to the Club. I have not had much contact with the Club in the last 20 years so that is all I know. J22 has been in Limeburners lagoon since Charles Fisher became Principle of Geelong Grammar and was handed to the School Yacht Club after he died. It still has a wooden mast, wide wooden spreaders and looks in good condition.     

23 Fulmar
J23 Fulmar II

Location: not set


NAME            OWNER (NUMBER)


FULMAR II      K Lacy (3)

VAGABOND   M Froude (2)

VAGABOND   P McKinley (1)


Built/Builder: 1938/not set

24 Zest
J24 Zest

Location: Port Fairy, Vic



ZEST        TBA  (7) 

ZEST        P Johnston (6)

ZEST        G Harder (5)

ZEST        B Brannelly (4)

SCOR       A Moylan (3)

SCOR       D McGlashan (2)

SCOR       A Finlay (1)


Built/Builder : 1938/Higgs Bros



Peter Johnston 3/3/2006   Zest is in excellent shape. She was fully restored in 1996 and sailed the Hunting field in Sydney not long after. In her restoration my father and I glue splined her huon pine hull and provided her with a teak deck and Honduras mahogany coamings. The glue splining has stabilised her hull and form. She attended a number of wooden boat shows and still retains her wooden mast. Zest has not been sailed for 5 - however, there is a window of opportunity for her to grace the waters again this autumn.

J25 Freelance

Location: QUEENSCLIFF, Vic


NAME             OWNER (NUMBER)

FREELANCE    Elizabeth Hu/Queenscliff Maritime Museum (10)

FREELANCE    C Connal (9)

FREELANCE    J Hodgens (8)

FREELANCE    S Mansfield (7)

FREELANCE    T Wagland (6)

FREELANCE    N McInnes (4)

FREELANCE    R Stevenson (3)

FREELANCE    S Evans (2)

FREELANCE    N Higgs (1)


Built/Builder : 1938/Higgs Bros    

Elizabeth purchased Freelance in 2017 built by her father Noel Higgs, now donated to Queenscliff Maritime Museum.

25 freelance
Freelance 23.jpg
Freelance 20.jpg
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