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2023 Huntingfield Cup

The 2023 Huntingfield Cup has been run and won. The crew of Steve and Karyn Wright with Ian Goodbury from Cronulla Sailing Club sailing “Taj” on  7 points were victorious over Charles Weatherly, Ben Brown and Bruce James from Ballaarat Yacht Club in “Scorpion” on 9 points. Third was the father cand daughter pair of Michael Morrow and Siobhan Dent in “Squggle” also from Ballaarat on 25 points..


The regatta was held over the weekend of 22nd and 23rd April from the Ballaarat Yacht Club on Lake Wendouree. Thirteen Jubilee Class yachts entered which is a record for many years. The Saturday morning races had to be cancelled due to light winds. A new clause was introduced to the sailing instructions that races will not be started in less than an average of 4 knots of wind established over the entire course area. Certainly the whole fleet were appreciative.


Racing commenced at 2.00pm on Saturday afternoon in light westerlies containing shifts and holes that tested all sailors. A dinner at the Lake View Hotel attended by more than 40 people prepared crews for the three Sunday races which were held in slightly stronger and fairer winds although the maximum would have only been 8 knots.


Racing between the leaders was close all through the regatta and the two points separation at the end was testament to the closeness of the competition. 


In lieu of presenting personal trophies to the winners, the Association presented instead a written acknowledgement that a donation had been made to SoupBus Ballarat on their behalf.


A cheque for $500 has been sent to SoupBus with the understanding that everyone was pleased to know that instead of presenting yet another glass or a plastic trophy item to gather dust on a mantlepiece , as an Association we were able to make a real contribution to the Ballarat community by supporting such a worthwhile organisation.


Our sincere thanks to the Ballaarat Yacht Club for managing the regatta and to the volunteers who staffed the Committee and Course boats and to Yvonne in the tower who oversaw us all.


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