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J120 Pegasus

Location: Albert Park Yacht Club


Name        Owner (Number)

PEGASUS    J Jaeger/ J Stow (4)  

PEGASUS    D McLay (3)  

PEGASUS    J Easton (2)
PEGASUS   R Davis (1)

Built/Builder: not set/Savage


J121 Wataworrie

Location: Albert Park Yacht Club


Name                 Owner (Number)

WATAWORRIE   C Pulham, P Taig, G Haggett (5)

WATAWORRIE    D Bray (4)
WATAWORRIE    D Long (3)
WATAWORRIE    R Simmatt (2)
WENDY               R Simmatt (1)

Built/Builder: not set/Savage


J122 Lady Hamilton 

Location: Ballaarat Yacht Club, VIC.


Name                       Owner (Number)

LADY HAMILTON      L Davies (5)

LADY HAMILTON     E Phillips (4)
LADY HAMILTON     J Brewer (3)
LADY HAMILTON    A Cantwell (2)
LADY HAMILTON    H Simpson (1)

Built/Builder: not set/ Savage

lady hamilto
J123 Stella

Location: Queensland


Name        Owner (Number)  

STELLA       T & L Harland (6)

STELLA       P Driver (5)

STELLA       G Bunyard (3)
STELLA       F Pound (2)
STELLA L    Pound (1

Built/Builder: 1978/Savage


Notes Paul Driver Built in Melbourne for the legendary Les Pound, many times State and National champion, to replace his earlier timber (1935 vintage) Jubilee "Aeolus" J4.


J124 Isabel 

Location: Macleay Island QLD


Name        Owner (Number)

ISABEL       Bruce Legg (4)

ISABEL       Glenda Didier & Jennifer Wardrop (3)
ISABEL        I Unmack (2)
TERRIKKE   J Forsyth (1)

Built/Builder: 1978/Savage


J125 Lyla

Location:  Macleay Island, Queensland


Name       Owner (Number)

LYLA           J King (5)

LYLA           J Spencer (4)
JOOD         P Mitchelson (3)
LYLA          RBYC – P Mitchelson (2)
LYLA          Woodland (1)

Built/Builder: 1988/McDowell & Venn

J126 Tawarri

Location: Redland Bay, QLD

Name       Owner (Number)

TAWARRI   Bill Morley (5) Redland Bay

TAWARRI   Robert Hawke (4)
TAWARRI   J Crawford & H Stone (3)
TAWARRI   A Morehen (2)
TAWARRI   P Forbes (1)

Built/Builder: not set/McDowell & Venn


J127 Maiella

Location: Ballarat VIC


Name                Owner (Number)

MAIELLA             Joe Luciani (6)

ARCTIC TERN     Wayne Lodge (5)

ARCTIC TERN     I Court (4)
ARCTIC TERN     J Cheswick (3)
ARCTIC TERN     Raj (2)
ARCITC TERN     R Peach (1)

Built/Builder-Built/Builder: not set/McDowell & Venn


artic ter
J130 Balcombe Bay

Location: Ballaarat Yacht Club, VIC.


Name                    Owner (Number)

BALCOMBE BAY    Chris McRoberts (4)
BALCOMBE BAY    Michael Morrow (3)

BALCOMBE BAY    J Seery (2)
BALCOMBE BAY    Michael Morrow (1)

Built/Builder: 1998/Taylor FRP

balcombe bay
J131 Mudlark 

Location: Sorrento, VIC.


Name           Owner (Number)

MUDLARK    John Riley (3)
MUDLARK    Michael Cook (2)
MUDLARK    S Wright (1)

Built/Builder: 2000/Taylor FRP

J132 Asanvari

Location: Ballaarat YC, Vic


Name             Owner (Number)
ASANVARI     Leonie Crosbie (2)

SEA EAGLE     G Grant (1)

Built/Builder: 2001/Taylor FRP


Asanvari is named after a beautiful Bay on the Island of Maewo, Torba Province, Vanuatu.  Only accessible by boatVisited by us in 2019. Fringing coral reef, cascading waterfall, looking across to the Island Bali Hai, featured in the Tales of the South Pacific by James A Michener.


sea eagle
J133 Scorpion 

Location: Ballaarat Yacht Club, VIC.


Name              Owner (Number)

SCORPION      C Weatherly (1)

Built/Builder: 2003/Steve Wright 


J134 Rojak

Location: Sydney, NSW


Name      Owner (Number)

ROJAK      Kim Bermingham (1)

ROJAK        Simon Morton (2)

ROJAK        Lee Duffield (3)

Built/Builder: 2003/Steve Wright


J135 Shiraz    

Location: Ballaarat Yacht Club, VIC.

Name     Owner (Number)
SHIRAZ   Brian Canny (1)

Built/Builder: 2004/Steve Wright


J136 Andiamo

Location: Macleay Island, QLD.


Name                 Owner (Number)

ANDIAMO           Dave Gemmell (4)

ANDIAMO          Willem Vaazon Morel (3)

ANDIAMO           Bob McDonald (2)

BALCOMBE BAY Michael Morrow (1)

Built/Builder: 2004/Michael Morrow


J137 Colourmegone

Location: Ballaarat Yacht Club, Vic


Name                         Owner (Number)

COLOURMEGONE     John Brewer (2)

RENAISSANCE           Steve Wright (1)

Built/Builder: 2014/Steve Wright


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