Pineapple Raiders at it again

Queensland Jubilee owners recently took part in the annual Pineapple Raid.... PINEAPPLE RAID 12,13 & 14 FEB 2016 South-easterlies, gusting to well over 20knots made for some interesting (and exciting) sailing, and necessitated a change of program mid-event during the inaugural “Pineapple Raid” in southern Moreton Bay. This event, organized by Euan Macdonald of Amity Yachts/Australiawide Boat Sales, was a three day rally style gathering, designed for small, shallow draught vessels. There were two categories – “sail only’ which included the likes of the Jubilees, trailer sailers etc., and “raid” (boats propelled by sail and/or oar). In the event, the strong following winds negated the need for

Tahiti restoration by John Brewer

John Brewer, well known lover of the sailing life and Jubilee skipper at Ballarat Yacht Club is currently putting a lot of love into the restoration of Tahiti J11. John has been garnering further inspiration from recent restorations of the classic early wooden Jubilee's such as Freydis J1, Neried J39, Jason J40, Jubilant J54 . Tahiti needs a lot of work to bring it up to scratch and if anyone has the passion for this project it is John. These early Jubilees are the root stock of the one class design and are a true classic yacht that fit very well under the term traditional wooden boats. The early boats are generally given a new skin for the old ceremony and the rigging is in tune with the cu

Oldest Jubilee is racing with the newest Jubilee

In 1935 the first Jubilee, FREYDIS was launched to much anticipation and excitement amongst the small gathering at the Royal Brighton Yacht Club. The Jubilee One Design Class Yacht had entered the Australian yachting fraternity. Designed as an affordable boat of modest and classic proportions, realised by renowned and respected boat designer Charles Peel, to suit the sailing conditions of Port Philip Bay. Word soon spread and the Jubilee class began to grow, becoming a popular boat of choice with yacht clubs around the bay and. It was not long before the sailing clubs of NSW began to pay attention. In short time the Jubilee class began to be built and sailed in Pittwater, and a fleet began

Visionary designer leaves legacy

Charles Peel, boat designer and son Charles Peel, also a boat designer/builder. The Peel family built a reputation in the pre-1950s Australian yachting era with boats like Acrospire and the 21 foot restricted class and the legendary Jubilee class. If you have any information or can provide links to images of Charles Peel we would love to here from you. See the link below for more information about the boats of Charlie Peel and sons.

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