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Pineapple Raiders at it again

Queensland Jubilee owners recently took part in the annual Pineapple Raid....

PINEAPPLE RAID 12,13 & 14 FEB 2016

South-easterlies, gusting to well over 20knots made for some interesting (and exciting) sailing, and necessitated a change of program mid-event during the inaugural “Pineapple Raid” in southern Moreton Bay.

This event, organized by Euan Macdonald of Amity Yachts/Australiawide Boat Sales, was a three day rally style gathering, designed for small, shallow draught vessels. There were two categories – “sail only’ which included the likes of the Jubilees, trailer sailers etc., and “raid” (boats propelled by sail and/or oar). In the event, the strong following winds negated the need for “oar” even within the narrow, winding Wallys Gutter and Mackenzie Channel near Jumpinpin.

The strong south-easterlies caused problems for a couple of potential participants even before the start. Endeavoring to journey from Redland Bay to Southport on the Thursday, the Jubilee “Lyla” suffered a broken boom and returned to Redland Bay, and the Jubilee “Stella” towing a 19’ Chamberlain Gunning Dory, turned back with outboard motor problems.

However, some 22 boats(and 60 or so participants) made it to the (pursuit style) start near Curridgee on Sth Stradbroke on Friday Morning (most overnighted at Southport Yacht Club on Thursday night).

Camps were set up on the lawn at Canipa and a wonderful dinner was prepated on the outdoor facilities by on-board chef Nicola Noble.

On Saturday, (day 2) the plan was to continue north, via the Southern Moreton Bay Islands to the Little Ships Club at One Mile on Stradbroke Is., with the fleet returning south to a finish at Redland Bay on the Sunday. However with the strong SE wind forecast to continue throughout Sunday, it was decided that the trip back from One Mile (all to windward in rough seas) would be hazardous, especially for the small, open “raid” boats. The fallback was to camp another night at Canipa, conduct a “round Karragarra Is. race on the Saturday in the relative shelter of the islands, and return (downwind) to Redland Bay on Sunday.

Since dinner on Saturday was to be at the Little Ships Club, the organizers were not equipped to cater again at Canipa. Miraculously, the tiny RSL Club on Russell Is. were able to accommodate an extra 60 guests for an excellent dinner.

Notable among the achievements was the efforts of young Tom Robinson and his crewmate Callum Ferguson, who rowed Tom’s Chamberlain Gunning Dory over the whole course on all three days in less than ideal rowing conditions.

Four WBAQ members participated. David Hoffman had a great ride in “G.I.Go”, as did Matt Moore in his re-rigged 16’ skiff “Belle”. Barry Rawlinson skippered the winning “sailing” entry, the Jubilee “Beverly” and as mentioned, yours truly had a less than distinguished raid in “Bella”. (My brother in law Dugald from the Isle of Wight and his wife Nicky added an international dimension to the event, sailing our Jubilee “Jason”.

All in all, this was a wonderful, well organized event, with excellent support vessels, great catering, and good fellowship, that I’m sure many of our members would enjoy. There are tentative plans for a similar event, at a different venue later in the year. Details in due course.

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