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Tahiti restoration by John Brewer

John Brewer, well known lover of the sailing life and Jubilee skipper at Ballarat Yacht Club is currently putting a lot of love into the restoration of Tahiti J11.

John has been garnering further inspiration from recent restorations of the classic early wooden Jubilee's such as Freydis J1, Neried J39, Jason J40, Jubilant J54 .

Tahiti needs a lot of work to bring it up to scratch and if anyone has the passion for this project it is John. These early Jubilees are the root stock of the one class design and are a true classic yacht that fit very well under the term traditional wooden boats. The early boats are generally given a new skin for the old ceremony and the rigging is in tune with the current era boats but they retain a considerable degree of the character of the 1930's.

We look forward to seeing the progress as Tahiti is restored and re launched into the Jubilee fleet. Keep an eye on the JYA blog to get further updates on the restoration process. Vive la Jubilee!!

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